Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Today is a very, very special day! I and my creekside feathered and scaled friends want to wish one of my most devoted followers, Francis, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Francis was my very first follower!

My best fish friend, Gar, came by today and wanted to know if he could see Francis. I had to say, "no, not today". Gar hopes it will be a wonderful birthday filled bubbles, flies, and fat worms. Gar did a little swimming demonstration. Gar is a curious and very loving fish. He likes people which might not be too healthy.

I also had another visitor, Henry, a pesky, nervous little bass. He worries a lot about getting eaten, I tell him all the time this a "catch and release" creek. Henry said he did not want to have the terrifying experience of being hooked in the mouth and grabbed by a person and then have to gasp for air. I told him to stay out of the main current to avoid being swept down stream. He doesn't listen much. Remember, if you go fishing and you catch a fish it could be someone's mother, father, sister, or brother! Gently caress it in your hands and kindly put it back.

Happy Birthday to Francis from all his riparian friends!!!!

Until next time . . .

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  1. Dear Riparian friends.

    It is very pleasant of you to remember me on my birthday. I would have come to celebrate, but my teachers had to give me homework. I would bring cake, but I feel that the desired flavors of human and riparian friends may greatly differ. Worm cakes are not high on the list of popularized recipes known to chefs, and therefore asking for one in a bakery would probably be met with questioning looks and complaints. Corn muffins would work, but they are not traditional birthday food. However, if you can suggest good birthday food enjoyed by riparian friends without involving corn, insects, slugs, certain plants, or any other things find lying on the ground, I would be happy to get it. Thank you again for birthday wishes.