Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A favor for a friend . . .

Gizmo has been surveying new real estate options. He likes the area but is tired of living on the basement level of the air compressor shed. It's pretty noisy! He says he would like a little better landscaping around his home. These are some of his favorite options:

This luxurious waterfront home boasts  a porch branch for sunning and is a split level large family dwelling. It has a river stone pier. It is "move in ready", has a very nice entrance but no exit--could be a problem. The seller says a back entrance could easily be made, the attic is unfinished. Gizmo seems to like it but I don't know; it looks expensive.

This quaint home has more of a cozy cottage feel, lovely hardwood with moss coverings throughout. Beautiful rustic beams, also "move in ready", gorgeous views of the stream, and is within walking distance of the corn pile. The door looks a little narrow to me but who knows. Gizmo says he has a beaver friend who can enlarge the door  but I fear it would ruin the appearance and the structural integrity.

This distinguished historic home comes "as is." The previous owners were rats who left town in a very big hurry. No one knows where they went or why they left! It has a rustic appeal with natural seasoned wood. Low taxes, an excellent skylight. Perfect opportunity to add your own personal touch, a handy rodent's delight. The foundation is a little rough. Gizmo liked the spongy flooring. It does come with an old formal overgrown herb garden. It has stood the test of time with it's classic design.

Gizmo has asked me to talk with an insurance agent about insuring these potential homes. How do you insure a riparian hole? I'm a little concerned.

Until next time . . .


  1. Dear Bob,

    I am no expert on real estate, however I would suggest house number 1. It may be pricey, but it's large size means that any extra space could be rented out to renters whose payments could make up for some of the expense. House number 2 sounds nice, but while beavers are known for their carpentry skills, it would be best to leave the home with as many bits left on as possible. The third home is very nice, and while it's major character would be a good selling point, I wouldn't trust the rats. They may have moved out of town, but rats are known to be slightly untrustworthy. While they may be gone, they may have left behind illegal things that Gizmo could get in trouble for. It would be bad for the police to fine Gizmo for owning illegal acorns in a hidden closet. The first one is definitely the best.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for your most thoughtful advice, I shared this with Gizmo. He is so difficult--I never know what he is going to do! Now, he's thinking about an RV!!!He is away alot. I'm staying out of it! I think Gizmo should talk with Cecil, the turtle, who knows all about mobile homes.
    I appreciate your sharing. Bob