Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My first blogging day! and it's raining.

Hi everybody!
It's a beautiful soft, rainy day; everything is green and smells so good, just perfect for blogging. I just stopped by to visit one of my friends, he wears a long blue apron and works in the mill.  He rescued me four years ago, and ever since I and several of my friends having been living on his six acre creekside property. We spend much of the day foraging for worms and tasty bugs, luscious grasses, and corn that he puts out for us twice a day. Today the shop windows are closed, so we can't eavesdrop on the people inside. I don't like living "inside" although I sometimes wander into the shop through the back door, just to check things out. Sun, rain, or snow I really prefer to live "outside," in the freedom of the outdoors.
     Today I am worried about Gizmo. He lives under the air compressor shed. He does not like people to see him and spends most of his time hiding in his hole. I haven't seen him in two weeks, and when I yell down his hole, he NEVER answers. Sometimes I place some of our corn near his hole. It will sit there for an hour or two and then in a blink it is gone. Gizmo can move quickly when he wants to and is, I think, more crafty than most of us; I don't mean basket weaving. We think he lives alone but, who knows!!!
     Until next time . . . Bob


  1. Dear Bob,

    I am wondering what exactly this "Gizmo" is. I have heard that a gizmo is slang term for a doohicker. Most doohickers I know do not eat corn, or anything else for that matter. Perhaps the gizmo-doohicker is broken and doesn't realize it isn't supposed to be eating things. Broken gizmos may be dangerous, so I would be careful around it.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for your concern about my safety but he has been a long time friend. He is very very fat and likes to stretch himself out on a big warm rock. I am not sure what he is. I will try to get a picture of him. Keep checking back!
    Until next time . . .