Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another rainy day with a rising creek

I just love the rain!!!! I can paddle anywhere and eat fresh fat juicy worms. The brook trout are struggling not to get washed away from their pools.
     Cecil floated by this morning. He's a very large smelly snapping turtle whom I have no affection for. He constantly tries to taste my toes and believe me, it hurts!
     A few thoughts about food, my basic starch is corn, and I love fresh greens with a touch of mint. Let's get it straight I am not a vegan, I love snails, worms, and bugs as long as they are living when I swallow them, I don't like roadkill. I am a curious bird and am willing to taste all most anything.
     May I share my favorite recipe with you?

          A gathering of fresh plump greens, organic green grass, small dandelion leaves, chives-but not too much, watercress, purslane, and a touch of mint 
          If the garden gate has been left open, well, gather as many herbs as will fit in your beak 
          Variety of tiny roots freshly plucked
          Top with plump pink earthworms, fresh lazy slugs, and a sprinkling of black ants
          A light dusting of moss
          If available a beak full of cracked corn (if no corn is available tap on the mill window)

          Place the above on a large clean stone preferably in the sun.
          Gather fresh wild raspberries and strawberries with daylily petals and stomp vigorously with your feet  (be sure to do this on a smooth rock)
          Combine and enjoy with your friends.

     Lately, I have noticed I have eaten too much corn, my feathers don't fit quite right.
     Until next time . . .


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