Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Our feathered armada . . .

A wonderful day in the sun!

My flock family and I have been having a wonderful summer sailing the creek in our feathered armada. We have had calm paddling, lots of fresh greens, and fat worms. And we are all molting . . . feathers everywhere. We are a bit in disarray but such fun for the goslings to play with. They are growing everyday ~ I must say they look rather prehistoric with bare wings and down where there should be feathers. MY FAMILY . . . isn't it wonderful!?

I think we may have company along the riverbank . . . a new home has been made at the edge of the water, a risky spot. It's right where the sweet flag used to be and below the nettles, and quite large. Who  could fit in such an opening? No one has seen the owner. I guess we will have to wait and see. Lewis Trout will be checking and of course Gizmo's hummingbird drones from his underground command center. I wonder if they will be friendly?

Until next time . . .

Monday, July 15, 2013

Was that a hummingbird?

FINALLY, Gizmo is back perusing the riverbank for fresh leafy plump greens. He looks GREAT!!! ...
his coat is thick and shiny and that tail! . . . luxurious! He wouldn't tell me where he has been, must have been pretty nice. He has beautiful muscle definition: his hair well greased, those pert ears and deep brown eyes. (Wait til Miss Prunella sees him!) He gave me a long stare and said he had been on a special mission. "MISSION"! for what? He has expanded his quarters under the the air compressor shed ~ he has dug deep and put in extra rooms with passages which he says are secret. Don't we all share here along the riverbank? . . . guess not. He says he has a plan to keep us all safe. He has been busy carrying strange objects into his hole. 

While my goose family and I were gathered at the corn pile, Gizmo whistled to me and winked. What does this mean?! He demanded I stick my head down his hole (I really hope I didn't get fleas!). It looked pretty nice ~ he has rewired his rooms and all new moss carpets with touches of lemon grass. In fact each room has a different herb scent ~ woodruff, clover, bayberry, wild mint, honeysuckle. Where did he get the money for all this!?  . . . it's beautiful! He has watercolor paintings on the walls of what looks like metallic hummingbirds!

Gizmo was bubbly with excitement: he said he has two metallic hummingbird drones! He wants to be  the first to monitor the riverbank from the air. From his underground "command center", he will be keeping track of us, watching for predators like Renard  Smythe "the fox",  checking all the best spots of greens to eat, checking blackberries for ripeness, checking for fresh corn, watching for the return of Sorelle and his gang of rats, monitoring the goslings ~ now wait a minute! Is that right? Gizmo says
 he must be modern in a time when there are so few uninhabited riverbank areas where we can live.

Gizmo says to keep watch because he will be. In fact, he will be looking in the mill windows! The Man With The Long Blue Apron may not like that idea.

"Gizmo, where did you get these? Do they really work? Don't you need a license for these?" ". . . how could anyone suspect me, I'm 'just' a woodchuck!"

Next time you see something buzz your head and a slight breeze touches you ~ it could be a hummingbird watching.

Until next time . . .

Sunday, July 7, 2013

What a surprise! . . . I'm a . . .

It happened! . . . I have a family! It was not planned but then sometimes some of the very best things in life are a surprise! Charlotte had been laying eggs for weeks and then she just sat down and waited. I was not encouraged, after all, she had never been successful at hatching. They usually just rotted away. Then, on a very sunny hot morning it happened! The shells cracked open and there were three rather naked precious very yellow baby goslings. I am not sure I am the father but it doesn't matter because they will be MY family. We are all excited!

Charlotte was very clever to hide her eggs from evil predators like Renard Smythe known as "the fox". It has been a decade since we had any baby goslings. I and my flock have a new mission to protect and care for these babies. It takes a very dedicated compassionate flock to raise a gosling!

Our first long venture was to introduce our goslings to the Man With The Long Blue Apron. He was thrilled and immediately brought premium deluxe cracked corn to sprinkle at their feet. What a proud day!!!! Now we must surround them with love, support, and protection and teach them the ways of the riverbank. When it rains Charlotte tucks them under her wings ~ safe, dry, and warm ~ and we gather around Charlotte and sing. 

Here is my song, to the tune of Home on the Range:

Oh, what a wonderful home
Where I am not alone,
Where my flock honk all day,
Where the water is clear,
Where we often see deer,
Where we swim and we splash as we play.

Home, home on the creek!
Where the ducks and geese often stay.
Where people are nice, sprinkling corn when there's ice,
Where we swim and we splash when we play!

When along through the years,
Wanting young goslings to be here
Like the gander who lives down the way, 
I honk for some eggs and dance til the light,
Singing songs through the night
Where we swim and we splash when we play!

Home, home on the creek!
Where the ducks and geese often stay.
Where people are nice, sprinkling corn when there's ice,
Where we swim and we splash when we play!

Will you help me name these three precious goslings?

Until next time . . .