Sunday, December 23, 2012

Flying deer, really!?

We have had our first snow--it was beautiful--the beauty did not last--beauty never does but it has a way of popping up when you least expect it. Be watchful, it's a gift.

The Muscovy family has decided to move upstream with us--very friendly but really, they ruin the ambience with their rather strange colored feathers and heads. I am not sure if they are pretending to be a Christmas tree or road kill. I can handle it--they are happy, helpful and never eat too much corn.

Well, I saw something very strange the other day. Flying deer--they looked like deer but were flying! I was shocked. I have heard of such things usually in association with a large fat man dressed in red! These eight deer were alone and headed north, maybe they were on a special mission. It was very mysterious! If you see them around the night of the 24th let me know--I will be keeping watch.

Did you know at midnight on the 24th all of us along the riverbank bow our heads in remembrance of that special night so long ago, when all the animals became silent, and snuggled close, in peace and there was no fear or hunger or sadness. Peace visited that night, the first Christmas. Peace came softly like a falling snowflake. Let yourself enjoy a restful peace--think kind thoughts of others, hold a paw, and snuggle in and eat a little corn.

Until next time . . .