Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm a thankful goose!


Last night the breezes came down from the north and danced around the mill and all our fur homes, bringing very tiny snowflakes, and making for a cozy dawn. The snow made it better to see where the night visitors had been.

   Miss Prunella returned early this morning with serious intentions---the word along the riverbank is she is looking for a new home. She stopped by to yell down Gizmo's hole entrance--all she heard was, he wanted to stay in bed. Well, one little tail puff and leaves flew out the hole but Gizmo would not leave. If he is so unhappy with the noise from the air compressor then LEAVE! Everyone is looking for a better home. The situation here is intensifying--a red fox wanders through on his rounds about midnight and the hawk comes most unexpectedly every day. I have yet to get hawk's name, I don't want to get close enough to find out. Gizmo says it's the fault of the man with the long blue apron--too much corn! How can you have too much corn?--well, too many free loading visitors come who really don't need the corn, it's just easier. They will say they are grateful. It makes it harder for us who live here . . . some of us can't move. We need the corn. I work for my corn, I am an advisor, consultant as well as surveillance supervisor to the man in the long blue apron. In the spring I monitor cars, visitors. I try to encourage joggers and walkers to move along a little faster. I turn the soil with Drusilla eating bugs and worms--keeping the place free of ticks and mosquitoes. IT'S A BIG JOB! . . . someone has to do it. Sometimes I am forced to rearrange planted gardens, checking the soil in potted plants . . . IT'S A BIG JOB! I  pull clothes and sheets from clotheslines--imagine sheets waving in the breeze! What are they trying to be--a goose?!

   Too much corn . . . to feed us 5 geese, Gizmo, and Hazel, the man with the long blue apron must feed 257 visitors. He even comes out late at night with warm corn, for our bedtime snack meal. He is a good, kind man and we are thankful for his generosity. I think tonight we will hum to him at his bedroom window, after all the moon is a bit full, and maybe a few snowflakes will join us, tinkling against the window.

   Until next time . . .

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

She's BACK!!!!!

I can't believe it--it's February and SHE'S BACK--Hazel. Gizmo said it would be an early spring, and my furry friend is at the corn pile. Look at those cheeks!---m-m-m-m. I tried to catch up on the underground news with her but I couldn't understand a word she said. I tried to tell her that a gentleman hawk has been walking among the shrubs looking for a fat dinner guest. Last night we all suffered the delicate odor of Miss Prunella, passing by looking for a "friendly companion." She looked fabulous in her black and white classic coat so fresh and soft. As she strutted by the old mill the man in the long blue apron abruptly shut the window. Oh dear! It is spring, so early! 

Until next time . . .


Thursday, February 2, 2012

GROUND HOG DAY along the riverbank!!!

Ok, I have been gone for months but sometimes you just have to pick up and fly!!! I got caught up in the excitement of flying with those Canadians. Flying north I saw a huge flock of ducks over Cornell. I thought I saw a black cairn being carried into the veterinary hospital. I flew in for a closer look. The black cairn was Gabriel! I was so worried that I sat in front of the hospital windows. I could hear his cries. There was a huge flock of ducks all gathered in the front quacking. There was terrific excitement, everyone was talking about Gabriel. The ducks said poor Gabriel had been taken for emergency care. The man in the long blue apron rushed him in because his eye had suddenly become a very big white marble--well, it looked like it. The doctors rushed him to surgery to save his eye. His lens had become dislocated!!!  He was in pain. You know I love Gabriel--he lets me rip his hair out.  The ducks and I stayed outside and waved our wings for him and hummed (yes, we can hum). Gabriel heard us!!!--he knew we were here.  The good news,  he is recovering--I hope the man in the long blue apron will check my eyes! When Gabriel went home we flew in formation behind the car.
   When I got home I was shocked there was no snow and that all the geese had really missed me including Drusilla. Where is the snow!!!!! It's ok, it is better on my feet. At daybreak this morning I went to check on Gizmo because after all this is HIS special day--the ONLY day he works all year. Ok, Gizmo, what's the forecast????? He smiled and said an early spring with a very wet summer. He ate the corn I brought him and went back to bed.

   Until next time!