Thursday, February 2, 2012

GROUND HOG DAY along the riverbank!!!

Ok, I have been gone for months but sometimes you just have to pick up and fly!!! I got caught up in the excitement of flying with those Canadians. Flying north I saw a huge flock of ducks over Cornell. I thought I saw a black cairn being carried into the veterinary hospital. I flew in for a closer look. The black cairn was Gabriel! I was so worried that I sat in front of the hospital windows. I could hear his cries. There was a huge flock of ducks all gathered in the front quacking. There was terrific excitement, everyone was talking about Gabriel. The ducks said poor Gabriel had been taken for emergency care. The man in the long blue apron rushed him in because his eye had suddenly become a very big white marble--well, it looked like it. The doctors rushed him to surgery to save his eye. His lens had become dislocated!!!  He was in pain. You know I love Gabriel--he lets me rip his hair out.  The ducks and I stayed outside and waved our wings for him and hummed (yes, we can hum). Gabriel heard us!!!--he knew we were here.  The good news,  he is recovering--I hope the man in the long blue apron will check my eyes! When Gabriel went home we flew in formation behind the car.
   When I got home I was shocked there was no snow and that all the geese had really missed me including Drusilla. Where is the snow!!!!! It's ok, it is better on my feet. At daybreak this morning I went to check on Gizmo because after all this is HIS special day--the ONLY day he works all year. Ok, Gizmo, what's the forecast????? He smiled and said an early spring with a very wet summer. He ate the corn I brought him and went back to bed.

   Until next time!

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