Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gizmo's banking scheme . . .

Well, it has happened; Gizmo has asked me to go to the bank for him and I don't mean the river bank. He says he has to get a loan for either a pre-owned home or an upgrade on the air compressor shed. I told him he should go, not me, but he says I am a better talker. He has been floating the idea of leveling the shed and expanding his home. Evidently this has been on his plans for a long time as an alternative to a pre-owned home. This is the first I have heard about it! the plans include a deluxe condo of holes and he has interested clients, including a skunk and several mouse families. It sounds like a alot of competition for corn to me. I guess the very least I can do is go to the bank for him . . . be back in a moment.

What an adventure THAT was!  First the loan officer wanted to know why I was there instead of Gizmo--that was a little difficult to explain. He wanted to know how much money was involved--what is it for?! Next it was collateral! Does Gizmo have any? Oh dear. Does he have an dependents, I have never seen any but you know Gizmo goes away for extended period of time. Next he asked some very personal questions of ME! Like what was my mother's maiden name?---a--a--a--I never knew her, I just came out of an egg!!! The loan officer gave me a very hard stare and then typed something into his computer. My throat got dry and tight. My social security number--a--a--a--does he mean the rest of the flock?! Oh dear. He excused himself for a moment, I wanted to fly away. He returned with a stack of papers and an ink pad for me to use to sign. My throat got tighter. Then he said it--I WOULD HAVE TO CO-SIGN with Gizmo. I couldn't catch my breath, what was I doing!!! The officer said Gizmo was a bit of a financial risk. He pointed out that I would be libel for his debts. I thanked him and flew out but not before he offered me a credit card. It was free so I took it. 

I told Gizmo all about it but he just kept chewing on some green leaves and I think he was smiling. Gizmo asked me if I gave the bank my mother's maiden name--I said, no; did I know my social security number? No. Did you tell them your permanent address? No. " Then what do you have to worry about?! Go get the money!", Gizmo said with a full mouthful. I think next time HE can go to the bank by himself!!!

Until next time . . .

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A favor for a friend . . .

Gizmo has been surveying new real estate options. He likes the area but is tired of living on the basement level of the air compressor shed. It's pretty noisy! He says he would like a little better landscaping around his home. These are some of his favorite options:

This luxurious waterfront home boasts  a porch branch for sunning and is a split level large family dwelling. It has a river stone pier. It is "move in ready", has a very nice entrance but no exit--could be a problem. The seller says a back entrance could easily be made, the attic is unfinished. Gizmo seems to like it but I don't know; it looks expensive.

This quaint home has more of a cozy cottage feel, lovely hardwood with moss coverings throughout. Beautiful rustic beams, also "move in ready", gorgeous views of the stream, and is within walking distance of the corn pile. The door looks a little narrow to me but who knows. Gizmo says he has a beaver friend who can enlarge the door  but I fear it would ruin the appearance and the structural integrity.

This distinguished historic home comes "as is." The previous owners were rats who left town in a very big hurry. No one knows where they went or why they left! It has a rustic appeal with natural seasoned wood. Low taxes, an excellent skylight. Perfect opportunity to add your own personal touch, a handy rodent's delight. The foundation is a little rough. Gizmo liked the spongy flooring. It does come with an old formal overgrown herb garden. It has stood the test of time with it's classic design.

Gizmo has asked me to talk with an insurance agent about insuring these potential homes. How do you insure a riparian hole? I'm a little concerned.

Until next time . . .

Monday, September 26, 2011

Making an impression . . .

I have always been interested in the arts, especially when I peek through the mill windows. I've tried to dance and am pretty good but I really excel at synchronized swimming while humming arias from Verdi.  Lately I have become interested in basso-relievo, a sculpture technique that stimulates my feet. It sometimes requires the help of Miss Drusilla and the other ducks. May I show one I am especially proud of?

I feel this shows my deep sensitivity and thoughts of the earth. The turmoil and sense of tension, patterning and rhythm, with a dramatic tonal quality. It feels so good to fully express myself--try this with your friends. First find a meaningful muddy spot by a creek, invite yours friends to join you, and dance a vigorous Irish riverdance. Then stand back and admire your creation.

Sometimes you will have what artists call a "happy accident", and a new friend will join you in the dance with beautiful results. Gizmo did not join in this dance. He is so fat that last time he got stuck. A touch of color is always welcome.

We have another friend who lives here and I have to say she has a bit of destructive madness in her artistic expression. She really overdoes her work! She is just a yellow bellied sapsucker! She is over expressive and zealous in her sculpting. Here is a bit of her handiwork.

Next she says she wants to redecorate the wood trim of the old mill, I don't think the man in the long blue apron would like it!

Until next time . . .

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Today is a very, very special day! I and my creekside feathered and scaled friends want to wish one of my most devoted followers, Francis, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Francis was my very first follower!

My best fish friend, Gar, came by today and wanted to know if he could see Francis. I had to say, "no, not today". Gar hopes it will be a wonderful birthday filled bubbles, flies, and fat worms. Gar did a little swimming demonstration. Gar is a curious and very loving fish. He likes people which might not be too healthy.

I also had another visitor, Henry, a pesky, nervous little bass. He worries a lot about getting eaten, I tell him all the time this a "catch and release" creek. Henry said he did not want to have the terrifying experience of being hooked in the mouth and grabbed by a person and then have to gasp for air. I told him to stay out of the main current to avoid being swept down stream. He doesn't listen much. Remember, if you go fishing and you catch a fish it could be someone's mother, father, sister, or brother! Gently caress it in your hands and kindly put it back.

Happy Birthday to Francis from all his riparian friends!!!!

Until next time . . .

Monday, September 19, 2011


As the afternoon shadows grew longer and the sun sparkled on the leaves I definitely saw a movement near the air compressor shed! I padded over to Gizmo's hole, bent down, and shouted (as only a goose can) down his hole! Then I heard a rustling of feet and leaves behind me and in all his furry fatness with crunchy voice and a puzzled look: "What is all this concern!!! Here I am!" He had been downstream checking out a beaver who is considering moving here! Oh boy, is she going to eat my trees?! It's bad enough that humans cut trees. Gizmo witnessed a very sorry sight--a half chewed tree!

"Gizmo, next time would you please tell me before you go downstream . . . there is great danger! Some humans actually trap beaver . . . how could people do that?! Promise me, you will never go down stream again! Promise!!!! Gizmo just turned and went into his hole leaving me much relieved to see he is well.

Until next time . . .

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I think I saw something!!!!!!

I have been keeping watch for Gizmo--I thought I saw a movement! Could it be!!!!!? I have been walking all around checking. I hope he is here, I miss him. It's getting kind of chilly. He will need corn. The ducks, young and old, have been following me to the corn pile.  I am a still worried about corn. The leaves are getting a touch of color. I can smell wood smoke in the air and hear some chainsaws . . . Geee, I really hate them. How will the winter be? Oh, Gizmo--where are you?! My friend. I checked your hole this evening--no sign. I think I'll scoop up some corn in my beak and put it in your doorway. I will keep watch through the night.

Until next time . . .

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A perfect day!!!

It's a perfectly beautiful day! The sun is shining through the leaves, it's warm and the clouds are stretched very thin against the blue sky. And here I am . . . I saw a woolly bear caterpillar cross my path. More alien ducks are appearing and I am worried about corn supplies. I have said all along that the man in the long blue apron should be investing in corn futures. He seems reluctant. I have been watching bags of corn being unloaded for winter . . . will there be enough?! I have said all along that corn should not be used for fuel, it is unfair to geese. Have you been stocking up on corn?

This is a picture of one of my dearest friends, Drusilla but I call her Silly because she really is a quack. She thinks she is a goose . . . REALLY, please, I mean look at her! Her neck is short and she always hides behind leaves . . . who would want to eat her?! The thing she likes the most about the man with the long blue apron's corn is she doesn't get the bill! Ducks are unusually funny!
     The shadows are growing longer so I better head back to the creek.

Until next time . . .

Monday, September 12, 2011

People are talking about tailgating . . .

I always thought tailgating was when the gate unexpectedly closes on my tail!!! That is no fun!!!  This morning I saw a strange V in the sky headed south. They looked like geese but clearly they were speaking French and were feathered in gray with black socks over their heads. Exactly who are they and where are they going and why?!  I have considered getting a GPS and giving it a try. But it's rough up there with those frequent flyers traveling beak to tail. Maybe it is best to just stay here!
     Every morning I wait by the mill window to listen for my name to be called by the man with the long blue apron. I always call back to him but lately my voice has been a bit raspy. I am concerned I might have a worm stuck in my throat. I guess I overdid the salad and maybe I better try a pinecone to loosen it. Have you ever had a worm stuck in your throat?
     Until next time . . .

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another rainy day with a rising creek

I just love the rain!!!! I can paddle anywhere and eat fresh fat juicy worms. The brook trout are struggling not to get washed away from their pools.
     Cecil floated by this morning. He's a very large smelly snapping turtle whom I have no affection for. He constantly tries to taste my toes and believe me, it hurts!
     A few thoughts about food, my basic starch is corn, and I love fresh greens with a touch of mint. Let's get it straight I am not a vegan, I love snails, worms, and bugs as long as they are living when I swallow them, I don't like roadkill. I am a curious bird and am willing to taste all most anything.
     May I share my favorite recipe with you?

          A gathering of fresh plump greens, organic green grass, small dandelion leaves, chives-but not too much, watercress, purslane, and a touch of mint 
          If the garden gate has been left open, well, gather as many herbs as will fit in your beak 
          Variety of tiny roots freshly plucked
          Top with plump pink earthworms, fresh lazy slugs, and a sprinkling of black ants
          A light dusting of moss
          If available a beak full of cracked corn (if no corn is available tap on the mill window)

          Place the above on a large clean stone preferably in the sun.
          Gather fresh wild raspberries and strawberries with daylily petals and stomp vigorously with your feet  (be sure to do this on a smooth rock)
          Combine and enjoy with your friends.

     Lately, I have noticed I have eaten too much corn, my feathers don't fit quite right.
     Until next time . . .


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My first blogging day! and it's raining.

Hi everybody!
It's a beautiful soft, rainy day; everything is green and smells so good, just perfect for blogging. I just stopped by to visit one of my friends, he wears a long blue apron and works in the mill.  He rescued me four years ago, and ever since I and several of my friends having been living on his six acre creekside property. We spend much of the day foraging for worms and tasty bugs, luscious grasses, and corn that he puts out for us twice a day. Today the shop windows are closed, so we can't eavesdrop on the people inside. I don't like living "inside" although I sometimes wander into the shop through the back door, just to check things out. Sun, rain, or snow I really prefer to live "outside," in the freedom of the outdoors.
     Today I am worried about Gizmo. He lives under the air compressor shed. He does not like people to see him and spends most of his time hiding in his hole. I haven't seen him in two weeks, and when I yell down his hole, he NEVER answers. Sometimes I place some of our corn near his hole. It will sit there for an hour or two and then in a blink it is gone. Gizmo can move quickly when he wants to and is, I think, more crafty than most of us; I don't mean basket weaving. We think he lives alone but, who knows!!!
     Until next time . . . Bob