Monday, September 12, 2011

People are talking about tailgating . . .

I always thought tailgating was when the gate unexpectedly closes on my tail!!! That is no fun!!!  This morning I saw a strange V in the sky headed south. They looked like geese but clearly they were speaking French and were feathered in gray with black socks over their heads. Exactly who are they and where are they going and why?!  I have considered getting a GPS and giving it a try. But it's rough up there with those frequent flyers traveling beak to tail. Maybe it is best to just stay here!
     Every morning I wait by the mill window to listen for my name to be called by the man with the long blue apron. I always call back to him but lately my voice has been a bit raspy. I am concerned I might have a worm stuck in my throat. I guess I overdid the salad and maybe I better try a pinecone to loosen it. Have you ever had a worm stuck in your throat?
     Until next time . . .

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