Monday, September 26, 2011

Making an impression . . .

I have always been interested in the arts, especially when I peek through the mill windows. I've tried to dance and am pretty good but I really excel at synchronized swimming while humming arias from Verdi.  Lately I have become interested in basso-relievo, a sculpture technique that stimulates my feet. It sometimes requires the help of Miss Drusilla and the other ducks. May I show one I am especially proud of?

I feel this shows my deep sensitivity and thoughts of the earth. The turmoil and sense of tension, patterning and rhythm, with a dramatic tonal quality. It feels so good to fully express myself--try this with your friends. First find a meaningful muddy spot by a creek, invite yours friends to join you, and dance a vigorous Irish riverdance. Then stand back and admire your creation.

Sometimes you will have what artists call a "happy accident", and a new friend will join you in the dance with beautiful results. Gizmo did not join in this dance. He is so fat that last time he got stuck. A touch of color is always welcome.

We have another friend who lives here and I have to say she has a bit of destructive madness in her artistic expression. She really overdoes her work! She is just a yellow bellied sapsucker! She is over expressive and zealous in her sculpting. Here is a bit of her handiwork.

Next she says she wants to redecorate the wood trim of the old mill, I don't think the man in the long blue apron would like it!

Until next time . . .

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