Monday, September 19, 2011


As the afternoon shadows grew longer and the sun sparkled on the leaves I definitely saw a movement near the air compressor shed! I padded over to Gizmo's hole, bent down, and shouted (as only a goose can) down his hole! Then I heard a rustling of feet and leaves behind me and in all his furry fatness with crunchy voice and a puzzled look: "What is all this concern!!! Here I am!" He had been downstream checking out a beaver who is considering moving here! Oh boy, is she going to eat my trees?! It's bad enough that humans cut trees. Gizmo witnessed a very sorry sight--a half chewed tree!

"Gizmo, next time would you please tell me before you go downstream . . . there is great danger! Some humans actually trap beaver . . . how could people do that?! Promise me, you will never go down stream again! Promise!!!! Gizmo just turned and went into his hole leaving me much relieved to see he is well.

Until next time . . .

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