Wednesday, October 31, 2012


REAL SCARED!!! I have been hearing very strange sounds at night! It sounds much like low groans--then repeated rumbles and short screams! the wind has been high in the trees. I have seen very large dark shadows moving through the trees--cold chilling movement. I AM SCARED! Cecil has gone
deep into the creek. Gizmo won't come out of his hole. Huge turkeys have been hanging high in the trees, swaying. I have not seen Miss Prunella in weeks. I don't know . . . I am not getting much sleep. I am going down stream!--I know I shouldn't.

Oh . . . have you ever had a feeling you have lost time? Well, I went down stream, at least I think I did, but somewhere along the way I lost some time. I was there and I wasn't!

     I struggled back to Gizmo's hole and stuck my head down--he said he has seen very strange lights in the sky moving in formation! And just that morning he had awakened to a crop circle in the shape of a very long necked creature! He said I looked bad. My neck hurts--kind of stiff. Gizmo suggested I might have encountered an alien! An alien what?! He says he thinks I was abducted! . . . and an implant was put in my neck! Do you know anyone who has a strange lump somewhere? Oh . . . oh . . . where is Cecil when I need him?!

     Gizmo, do you really think I am being controlled by aliens? GIZMO, where are you going? don't leave!!!!!

     He just shook his head, I saw his lip curl! IS THIS TRUE? I feel very strange . . . very strange . . . maybe I better go eat some corn, it always helps. My poor neck. . . Be very very careful tonight, there are dangerous creatures about!

Until next time . . .