Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas! Oh, my . . .

I could hardly sleep last night ~ I kept flopping about and every once in a while I reached out my feathered fingers to touch my two very brightly colored packages just to be sure they were still there! I have never received a Christmas present before! I always wondered if I had been forgotten. Pilgrim said that if I did not get a present it meant that someone else needed it more! . . . that actually I was being watched over very carefully and lovingly. It had nothing to do with my being good or bad it really had to do with need. Perhaps someone needed my gifts more. That thought always made me feel better but I do admit two presents are pretty exciting! This year word had gone out to the great stars that I was in need . . . in need of remembrance. Oh, it is wonderful to get a surprise gift!

Morning came, Pilgrim and I took one last look at our perfectly wrapped presents and we started tearing the paper off! How I love to rip and tear!!!! I grabbed the ribbon with my beak and pulled! What do you think I got? I saw Gizmo at daybreak pop his head out from under the air compressor shed with a brand new hat! It was a most distinguished tweed deerstalker hat! Goodness, he looked stylish! and so proud! Pilgrim got a special green knitted bag to carry her eggs in, and a most delicious looking seed cake!

So ~ just remember ~ if sometime you don't get a present at Christmas it is not because you have been forgotten, or that you are bad, or that you are not loved . . . it just had to go to someone in greater need.

I am flapping my wings for all of you for a perfectly happy Christmas day!

Until next time . . .

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Snowy Christmas Eve . . . a special night

It's dark now along the river bank. The moon is covered in snow flakes, there are no stars, and it is ever so peaceful. It's a special night. I am on my job as Air Traffic Controller. I am watching the sky for signs of unusual duck and goose movement. There is no wind except for some slight squalls coming from the north . . . something MAY be coming. In a most disgusted mood, Pilgrim went to bed early. I don't know ~ I think I hear something coming, and see a tiny red light in the distance. It's coming along the riverbank! It's MASSIVE ~ flying deer and some kind of strange vehicle with a man in red ~ oh my!!! He's dropping bright colored boxes and packages along the river bank! One was placed outside Gizmo's door ~ I saw his light go on. There are so many packages! He is turning this way ~ up over the mill and he dropped six packages!!! ~ MY NAME IS ON TWO!~ ~ Oh Boy! Oh I hope it's a seed cake ~ I want a seed cake! There is a nicely written tag that says I cannot open it until the 25th . . . I hope I can wait! I am going to go snuggle down deep in my straw and dream of a seed cake ~ maybe a knitted blue scarf or a red sweater!!!!  Maybe, just maybe . . .

Until next time . . .

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Snow, Snow, Snow! . . . And I Am Bored!

Snow, snow and more snow! and I am bored. How many pumpkins can one goose roll?! Really!!! I did have a visit from Hazel, Miss Hazel should have gone to bed for the winter as all good chipmunks. She has gotten quite fat eating my seed cakes. The Woman With The Long Blue Apron confronted her about her obesity and she only put her paws on her fat little hips and said, "I like being fat. Fat is good especially when you have to sleep all winter without heat. Imagine awakening on a winter night hungry and cold! FAT IS GOOD!!!!! Hazel had to put in a new home under the corner of the mill where The Man With The Long Blue Apron sleeps. Her primery home was destroyed by a scruffy bratty little dog. Anyway, it works ~ she sits with us sometimes in the evening, watches the stars, and shares our corn. In fact two nights ago she decided to sleep with us . . . she is a soft little corn silk ball!

I NEED a job! It's a little limiting here. We have been having snow squalls. What is a snow squall anyway? Drusilla, Ms. Duck came by yesterday and pushed herself through the goat wire fence to visit (is this prison?!). She came up with a suggestion. Since I am not this winter in the creek perhaps I could direct duck flights over the creek during snow squalls and rain, and to the "forever" corn pile. She said several ducks have flown by mistake into tree branches. Sounds like the perfect job!

PERFECT!!! I will monitor the skies for incoming flights ~ and honk out directions. I shall flap my wings like semaphore. Sometimes during a full moon we have heavy incoming duck traffic. I shall flap my wings:
   "signal lamps for the creek runway!"
   "Alter your course to the starboard!"
   "Duck down! "
   "Duck overboard!"
   "Free passage!"
   "You are in danger! You are dragging your tail!"

I think I need a special hat and badge ~ BOB THE AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER!

Until next time . . .