Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas! Oh, my . . .

I could hardly sleep last night ~ I kept flopping about and every once in a while I reached out my feathered fingers to touch my two very brightly colored packages just to be sure they were still there! I have never received a Christmas present before! I always wondered if I had been forgotten. Pilgrim said that if I did not get a present it meant that someone else needed it more! . . . that actually I was being watched over very carefully and lovingly. It had nothing to do with my being good or bad it really had to do with need. Perhaps someone needed my gifts more. That thought always made me feel better but I do admit two presents are pretty exciting! This year word had gone out to the great stars that I was in need . . . in need of remembrance. Oh, it is wonderful to get a surprise gift!

Morning came, Pilgrim and I took one last look at our perfectly wrapped presents and we started tearing the paper off! How I love to rip and tear!!!! I grabbed the ribbon with my beak and pulled! What do you think I got? I saw Gizmo at daybreak pop his head out from under the air compressor shed with a brand new hat! It was a most distinguished tweed deerstalker hat! Goodness, he looked stylish! and so proud! Pilgrim got a special green knitted bag to carry her eggs in, and a most delicious looking seed cake!

So ~ just remember ~ if sometime you don't get a present at Christmas it is not because you have been forgotten, or that you are bad, or that you are not loved . . . it just had to go to someone in greater need.

I am flapping my wings for all of you for a perfectly happy Christmas day!

Until next time . . .

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