Sunday, June 3, 2012

Did you see me?!

It's me from London!!! Did you see me with THE Queen? What a wonderful day!

   My misty foggy Sunday morning began once again with the arrival of the man with the white gloves carrying a silver tray laden with water cress, fresh herbs, and tea to my bedside, was that grand? He said to hurry! . . . everyone was mustering up for the ride to the Queen's barge, Spirit of Chartwell. He said not to forget my corn sack and my 'brellie, looks like "fowl" weather. Accompanied by some silly ducks we were last to leave the palace.

   Oh, my! We hurried as fast as we could but we missed the boat?! Have you ever missed the boat?! Well, I was not to be left behind--away we went into the Thames in a cloud of duck feathers! Paddle fast . . . it's a long way! With occasional bumps with boats we paddled on. Ok, we flew abit! The ducks pointed to a bridge and explained it was the Tower Bridge and the Queen would be there in her barge.

   I am amazed so many people were floating about like ducks and geese--really! They should have feathers! I wonder when I get home if we could do this sort of riparian flotilla? Can you imagine all us geese, ducks, and turtle all floating down stream in procession with garlands of flowers waving our wings to the tune of "Hail to the Goose"! Oh my . . . what a dream!

   I paddled over to the Queen's barge and saw her lovely kind face looking at me. She invited me aboard to rest and have some warm chamomile tea down below deck with her . . . only for a moment. She had a gift for me--a Jubilee compass to replace the one I lost! Now I will always find my way home!

   Home--I am getting terribly homesick, you know that terrible, empty feeling? Perhaps it's time to go.

   I reached up to the queen and wrapped my wings about her in a farewell. She was so kind and generous to me. I made my way back to the palace garden to say good bye to Swan Nelson and Swan Emma who were in repose.

   The man with the white gloves made arrangements for a Royal Air Force Plane to fly me to Canada where a flock of Canada geese would escort me home. I am not so good on long flights by myself. An evening flight with my compass and the stars.
   Good bye, England!
    Long live the Queen!!

   Home--the riverbank, Pilgrim, Hazel, flea bag Gizmo, and into a fresh bed of soft moss and corn and to dream.

Until next time . . .

Friday, June 1, 2012

THE Queen meets Bob

My night in the palace was the darkest I ever experienced; strange sounds, long black shadows and an occasional tickle on my feathers made me burrow deeper under the covers. Was that a moan I heard?! Will morning ever come?! What am I doing here? Gizmo--is this another trick?! Is this a dream? With a rumbling tummy and in need of a bath--things just didn't seem right. "Queen, Queen" . . . the words on my beak before I fell into a deep sleep.

Morning came--FINALLY! I slipped out of bed to be greeted by a man with white gloves. I couldn't understand him--I told him I was an invited quest of "Queen" and could I please have my breakfast of water cress and mint tea in bed? "Aren't you Lord Wakefield?" "No, I am Bob from America and I was invited to a garden party." "I am sorry that was two days ago. Your name is not familiar to me, is it Prince Bob?"--"sounds good to me!" "I will have to call the palace guard and have you removed!"

"Queen, Queen, Queen"--"That will not help! Take your odious corn sack and LEAVE!"

I flew badly out the palace doors--losing my compass! It was hard to see anything through my tears! I was never invited and no one likes me. Gizmo, that old flea bag, played a trick on me!

Feeling perfectly miserable, I sat down by the pond to gather my feathers under me, and try to think of what to do. In seeing my distress, Nelson Swan and Emma Swan showed me a bit of kindness. They asked what my name was---"Bob, just Bob." They put their big broad wings about me and wiped my tears. Oh my, oh dear.

Suddenly there was was a rush of wind and leaves, and a troop of corgis came bouncing toward me, chasing me to and fro--I screamed "Queen"! Then in a determined fashion I turned and faced them--I feared this was my end!

I looked up into the face of a lady with kind eyes looking down at me. She said corgis don't realize they should FOLLOW a queen. It's her!!!!!! Queen, THE Queen! I made a curtsy as best I could. My eyes hurt from my tears. She asked my name. She said all animals are special and good, and she especially liked me. I offered her some of my corn from my sack, she accepted it. She said I was a good goose--and that I could stay with the swans as long as I want. I explained I had work to do at home--at that she invited me to a special day with her on the Thames. I could accompany her on her Jubilee flotilla! "Oh, YES, please--and maybe the swans too?" "Their job is at the palace. I will have the butler call for you early Sunday."

"Now, Bob, just KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON!"

Until next time . . .