Friday, June 1, 2012

THE Queen meets Bob

My night in the palace was the darkest I ever experienced; strange sounds, long black shadows and an occasional tickle on my feathers made me burrow deeper under the covers. Was that a moan I heard?! Will morning ever come?! What am I doing here? Gizmo--is this another trick?! Is this a dream? With a rumbling tummy and in need of a bath--things just didn't seem right. "Queen, Queen" . . . the words on my beak before I fell into a deep sleep.

Morning came--FINALLY! I slipped out of bed to be greeted by a man with white gloves. I couldn't understand him--I told him I was an invited quest of "Queen" and could I please have my breakfast of water cress and mint tea in bed? "Aren't you Lord Wakefield?" "No, I am Bob from America and I was invited to a garden party." "I am sorry that was two days ago. Your name is not familiar to me, is it Prince Bob?"--"sounds good to me!" "I will have to call the palace guard and have you removed!"

"Queen, Queen, Queen"--"That will not help! Take your odious corn sack and LEAVE!"

I flew badly out the palace doors--losing my compass! It was hard to see anything through my tears! I was never invited and no one likes me. Gizmo, that old flea bag, played a trick on me!

Feeling perfectly miserable, I sat down by the pond to gather my feathers under me, and try to think of what to do. In seeing my distress, Nelson Swan and Emma Swan showed me a bit of kindness. They asked what my name was---"Bob, just Bob." They put their big broad wings about me and wiped my tears. Oh my, oh dear.

Suddenly there was was a rush of wind and leaves, and a troop of corgis came bouncing toward me, chasing me to and fro--I screamed "Queen"! Then in a determined fashion I turned and faced them--I feared this was my end!

I looked up into the face of a lady with kind eyes looking down at me. She said corgis don't realize they should FOLLOW a queen. It's her!!!!!! Queen, THE Queen! I made a curtsy as best I could. My eyes hurt from my tears. She asked my name. She said all animals are special and good, and she especially liked me. I offered her some of my corn from my sack, she accepted it. She said I was a good goose--and that I could stay with the swans as long as I want. I explained I had work to do at home--at that she invited me to a special day with her on the Thames. I could accompany her on her Jubilee flotilla! "Oh, YES, please--and maybe the swans too?" "Their job is at the palace. I will have the butler call for you early Sunday."

"Now, Bob, just KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON!"

Until next time . . .

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