Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Day of Remembrance

World Animal Day and The Feast of Saint Francis

Today is a special day along the riverbank. It's a day for us to pause in peace and thanksgiving and celebrate with you for our creation--our water, our wooded homes, moss, rocks, the sun, and the air, and of course corn.

     It was a joyful day for me when as an unwanted orphan described as a "troublemaker" and a delinquent runaway goose--I was adopted! I was chosen! Someone wanted me forever!!!! Just because I have a different culture and language doesn't mean I can't feel pain, rejection, hunger, and loss. My adoption day was a joyful one, nothing was asked of me just fluff my feathers. I had worried about not being loved and not having food. My friends and I grace the river like white feathery sails, we call warnings and "all clears". We honk for happiness and to remind the man with the long blue apron that we are still here. I am a sentinel, a guard, a master with a job! I supervise the river bank and even look after the man with the long blue apron. When he is so tired I will comfort him, reassure him, and make him happy. I call out to him sometimes in the night--just to let him know I'm here.

So let this be a day to reach out to a feathered or furred friend--give a hug, a lick, a peck on the cheek . . .  put out some corn and share a deep spiritual moment.

I think I have inspired myself! I have always thought of myself as a bit of a poet, a very deep goose. Lately I have been thinking of going to college . . . are there government grants for that? What do you think?

Until next time . . .



  1. Dear Bob

    Are you okay? Where have you gone?

    your friend down south

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Bob. Take it easy on the turkey this year, okay?