Friday, November 22, 2013

Just memories now . . .

My last blog seems to have been prophetic. We have experienced a terrible sad event and I feel it was my fault. 

We went down stream~~I know it was wrong but we were so caught up in the excitement and fun. There is always a wild excitement down stream. I had no idea that it would become such a sad catastrophe.

We left the Man With The Long Blue Apron for a while~~we didn't think we needed him, and he is a bit boring, and it seemed like so much fun. There were animals friends everywhere just "hanging out"~~then one particularly awful day everything changed. We~~all of us fur and feathered~~ were herded into a barn and one by one my flock was destroyed by a human with an ax. The smell of blood and death hung in the air. Two of my children were killed and all but Pilgrim and Helen died. And for what?! Why do humans have to kill? Where was The Man With The Long Blue Apron?!!! I heard screams and whimpering sounds. We huddled under some boxes hoping not to be seen I felt hope was fading~~my feathers were shaking.

Then in the distance I heard a voice calling my name~~it was the WOMAN WITH THE LONG BLUE APRON!!!!!!! She had found us. She put each of us in her car and drove us home. She held me tight. I could not even whisper a word. The first sight of home was so good~~we were weak from lack of corn. I could barely hold my head. She wiped my eyes, stroked my face, neck, and breast. And she kissed me. She saved us. She built a little home for us under HER bedroom window with a warm bathing pool and lots of corn. 

Pilgrim did not seem appreciative except for the corn. Couldn't she see what had happened and the danger? The three of us are safe now. She says she wants to be free. Right now I just want to eat corn and rest.

The Woman With The Long Blue Apron told us to come inside anytime if we were afraid. Well, last night I was, the nightmare came back to me. I started shaking and I wanted her so bad that rotated the door knob with my beak and with great difficulty mounted the stairs to her bed. I crawled ever so gently into her bed and spread my wings over her. It was the best hug I could give. She rested her head against my feathered breast and we slept in peace until dawn.

Until next time . . .

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