Monday, April 1, 2013

Always go deep on April first . . .

That much dreaded day, April first, arrived with cold pink clouds passing quickly through the tree tops along the riverbank. Far off I could hear mass songs of feathered friends singing to the morning, a morning that may be the last for some of our finned friends. No feathered friends have checked out potential nesting homes--seems late to me. Pilgrim, my very dearest friend, has already laid an egg.

   Back from her winter home, Miss Harriet Blue Heron, looking very fine in her long gray feathers, came this morning for the first day of FISHING SEASON. Well, for her it is survival and she is thankful. We understand. When she catches a little fish, we all bow to that fish who gives its life.

   FISHING SEASON, oh dear. . . . Lewis Trout has gone deep but not before he did his best to gather his young inexperienced trout friends to safe areas away from clear pools. "Fishing" . . . what a terrible word. An activity that is said to be FUN--not to Lewis. Lewis got caught once by a terrible smelly man wearing long green boots wading in the creek. Cecil should have bit him! Lewis was caught on a line with a very sharp hook--it painfully pierced his lip. Lewis fought hard, he leapt in the air, he flailed. he was mercilessly grabbed by a hard calloused hand whose face was grinning with a bit spit drooling down the corner of his mouth, and thrown without respect onto the riverbank TO DIE! He lay gasping for air, losing strength fast, gills fighting for breathe, heart beating hard . . . he flopped and flopped and with one last chance effort flopped back into the creek. He was weak, in pain, bleeding, lip torn . . . just dreadful! He still bears the scares of that awful day. "Catch-and-release"--and it is all for FUN?!--poor Lewis.

   Remember avoid open clear pools and always go deep on April first.

Until next time . . .

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